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Yup, I did order the Anthem MRX500. I will give this a shot as JohnK said. However, I am thinking I want a 3 ch or three mono amps for my front three.

I just want more gas in the tank and all reviews and reading I do, everyone says how much better is sounds with an external amp running the fronts.

If you like to listen/view music and movies at a loud volume you are on the right path. The sound itself being "better" is another issue which I find highly subjective and I try to stay away if I can.
More powerful amp vs anemic receiver is a different story; we can go with the car analogy, although I think I posted something similar in another thread.
CAR 1 - 120 HP and 160 Km/h top speed
CAR 2 - 300 HP and 280 Km/h top speed

a) Cruising on a highway at 120 Km/h means using the car at 75%. For CAR 2 it means ~43%; which one do you think will last more?

b) 5 persons and same luggage in both cars; which one do you think will perform better? Which one you think will consume less gas? NOTE for those not believing: there is test done by Top Gear between a Toyota Prius and a BMW M3; the beemer turned out to consume less gas than the hybrid car driven at the same speed. Google it.

Take the above with a grain of salt as this is only my personal opinion, but since you asked on a forum... I though I give it a go smile.
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