I'm a bit frustrated. I use Chrome as my main browser in Windows 7 and I have organized my bookmarks by nesting folders in folders for years. When I left click on a folder ad move the cursor down to one of the nested folders, it automatically expands. For a couple of months, this auto expansion has not functioned and I must click on the nested folder to open it. Some are 3-4 levels deep.

Some info:
This is happening ONLY on my desktop computer (the two laptops in the house automatically expand the nested bookmarks).
When I first got the desktop last September, the auto expansion function worked perfectly.
It is happening in Chrome, IE 10 (my alternate) and Firefox (downloaded two weeks ago to test this).
I disabled all of the extensions/add-ons in each browser, rebooted and they still don't function.
Uninstalled and reinstalled the browsers, auto expand still doesn't work.

I’m not sure when the phenomenon started; maybe two months ago and I don’t know what I possibly may have done to trigger it. Looks to me like a problem with the desktop computer. Also looks like a setting since it affects all of the browsers.

I have googled quite a bit, but haven’t gotten any results.

Not life threatening, but really annoying.

Any ideas/solutions?