I am helping a guy from work (one who actually will listen to my advice vs. the last guy from work that asked for my opinion, and then still went with an overpriced, lower quality product via a local installer) build his home theater.

His house is just being framed now, but we are going there tomorrow to get some measurements and make some design choices. He asked me to price up some in-wall speakers for the fronts, plus surrounds for a 7.1 setup. The in-walls are easy enough, since there are no color choices, but the surrounds in the fatory outlet are only in black or boston cherry. Not sure that those will fit the idea of their decor.

I am selling him hard on the Axiom setup vs. the other five competitor options. It is still a little early in the game for him, but he is big on buying where there is a deal. Maybe I will get him to buy and figure out the decor to match the speakers...
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