Ok, the pastor of our church is asking me, since I do desktop/software support at work, if this would be possible. I am not an apple guy, but he is, so here goes. I am also open to other ideas, but we don't have much time or other equipment.

There is a funeral on Monday which we are anticipating might be large. We have a somewhat smaller church which will accommodate about 300 people in the man sanctuary. We have another room off to the side, near the entrance that can hold another 60 or so.

We would like to stream live footage to a larger lcd tv in that other room in case we are full. Since he is an apple guy, we have 2-3 newer iPads, he has an iPhone, and we have Apple computers, as well as Apple TV module.

I have read you can stream using the Airplay app on iO/S devices to Apple Tv as the iPad and iPhone would use the video camera.

My main questions are has anyone attempted this, and is the quality decent? Also, any thoughts on the range (distance) this can be transmitted? We have some options on where we can set the devices to reduce the distance, but need to check.

I don't think we want to go purchase any new products, so hoping we can either use, the ipad, iPhone, or Apple computers (assuming they have webcam, they should as expensive as they were).

Quick thoughts would be helpful as we don't have a lot of time. I plan to go to the church tomorrow AM and do some testing...

Thanks Randy
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