A subjective but nice 'Model T' User Review from 'Zissou' in the AVS Speaker Forum:

Just a few observations from the first few hours with the Bryston Model T speakers. I haven’t had nearly enough time with them but in my experience what we perceive in the first little while doesn’t tend to change too much. These really are quite unlike any other speakers

Firstly, these are very warm and musical speakers in the best possible way whilst they reflect all that is happening in a recording they do not do it in a cold or clinical way this is far preferable over “audiophile” speakers and the recent trend to tilt the treble up in an etched manner.

The bass is well extended and “quick” transients are preserved and well served. I have measured useful response down to 20hz, indeed these are full range speakers.

The highs at first caused me some puzzlement I was not sure I was getting the full measure of the treble. This was put to rest while listening to some of my reference classical pieces.
High frequency instruments such as bells were placed PROPERLY in the sound stage while other speakers tended to push them forward. While I do not think this is the most refined tweeter, most apparent on rock recording and cymbals, I believe it is a perfect match for these speakers and their overall coherence which is about as good as it gets in dynamic speakers. In terms of dynamic range one of Bryston's stated goals was to limit compression and I think this goal has been met.
No speaker has unlimited dynamics as we know but the Model T is certainly in the top tier of this parameter indeed full range symphony recordings are superbly reproduced this is a great speaker for fans of Mahler’s somewhat overwrought symphonies.
Susskind’s reading of Jupiter from Holst’s Planets (listening in DSD) is a true joy to listen to on these speakers.

The sound-staging is a revelation in this size speaker and price point. Depth is rendered in a wonderful manner and the layering within that depth is appropriate, well sized and accurate. This is a true revelation as other speakers the equal of these are at a much higher price point sometime 4 to 5 times as much. What Bryston has achieved, re their design goals, will be a game changer. As these become better known there will be a lot of sleepless nights for speaker designers and marketing departments in other companies.

To sum up these are superb transducers that punch well above their rather silly cheap price point. These speakers have the potential to truly shake up the high end industry and THAT is something that is long overdue.

Priced at $6495 a pair.