Hey Guys,

I think of you as my personal shoppers, so get to work!

We are currently blessed to have a friend Alex's age living with us. Andy will be 17 in a couple weeks. His car stereo is just sad.

1996 Mazda Protege (good ride). Need front speakers for sure and maybe a cheap head unit, as the existing factory model is a cassette with no auxiliary input.

Regarding the speakers, Crutchfield keeps telling me 5.25" but other sites and my own inspection seem to indicate 6.5". Need definitive info and recommendations.

Regarding the head unit, iPhone control is the killer app. Wouldn't mind getting some calling features (for safety).

I'm predisposed to Crutchfield because I'll probably end up "helping" them do the installation, so fit and ease of wiring is the most important thing. I have no recent (or satisfying) experience with this type of work.


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