Hello all,

I'm looking into upgrading my Yamaha speakers that came with my Yamaha CRX-332 mini-system to either a pair of Axiom M2's or M3's.
I'm currently using the Yamaha CRX-332 system with a JBL NL150 10" subwoofer and the results are actually quite impressive!

This system is used for music only and it's in a fairly large open living room.
I have read many reviews on this Yamaha mini-system and noticed that people were getting great results when adding a subwoofer (done) and upgrading the provided Yamaha speakers with higher quality bookshelf speakers.
Amazon.com - Yamaha CRX-332

I have 3 questions:

1.) Does the Yamaha CRX-332 have enough power for the M2 or M3?
2.) Which Axiom speaker would you recommend using, considering the pairing with the JBL NL150 10" subwoofer?
3.) What crossover setting should I use on the JBL subwoofer when paired with the M2 or M3? The Yamaha has no crossover settings.

Here is a picture of current setup:

Here are the specs for the Yamaha CRX-332 and the JBL NL150 subwoofer:

Thanks! smile

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