ok I bought a set of m80's last year and love them to death playing flac files through a top end pioneer reciever 110 w a side. I can't kick the sound I once had though with 3 cabinets on each side with 12" woofs a 4 1/2" mid and horn tweeters. i want more dbs but I was set on getting the center channel next to match but think I may want to get a bigger amp first. I listen to stereo 90 percent and watch a lot lot of movies but my centers and midlde room and rears have been destroyed from high volume playing. I would like to know if the m80's can really take 200w plus of power, they move pretty hard with 110w and I don't want to blow them. i have read from axiom that they can but I would like to know what you guys are running for amps before I continue building.