I wrote the editor at home theater mag a while ago when my brother was looking at the Axiom M80 package. There are very few print reviews of Axiom out there. Check it out in the July/August issue.

Epid Midi 125 System Reviewed by Mark Fleischmann.

I noticed something strange in the review though. Why are the SPL levels so out of what the specs on the site are? The QS4s were measured at almost 10db lower!! The rest were 5 or 6 db lower. What?! sick They all measured much lower sensitivity than claimed. The EP125 measurements were also interesting...... shocked -3db point measured at 46hz.

I don't think Axiom should specify a different sensitivity for in room vs Anechoic. The anechoic values weren't even met.

For home theater mag this package is definitely in the value category, which I think is why it earned a best buy award. Glad to see axiom is getting more exposure to the american market. I wonder why they didn't send out a flagship package?

Good review to check out.