hi folks, I haven't posted here in a while.

I have the opportunity to pick up a massive old Yamaha RX-V995 receiver really cheap (which is good because I have no money). I'm kind of familiar with the unit because my Mom has one and I always found it really awesome - even though she refuses to do the necessary things to make her smoke and mirrors speaker system sound better. She refuses to take into consideration reflective surfaces, and speaker positioning, etc. Function follows form over there, but it still sounds very good for casual listening. And the receiver is just a "monstah", with lots of power.

It has a 7-channel stereo (or maybe it says 5 channel stereo) mode that sounds really nice with just regular sources (like CDs).

So I'm looking forward to using the Yamaha RX-V995 with my M50s as fronts, and my M3s as rear speakers. I have a choice of 2 different Infinity subs I could use, and the guy who's selling me the receiver is hooking me up with a Yamaha center channel speaker. Eventually I hope to get an Axiom center and sub.

So I REALLY look forward to hearing this! Even if it isn't true 5.1 with music, I still look forward to it.

Up until now I've had to split my Axioms into 2 different 2-channel systems crammed into one tiny room - a music only system and a 2.1 TV system in the other corner.

So I may be back with questions. smile

I know the best thing would be to buy a much more modern A/V receiver but as I mentioned, I have very little $$ and the big old Yamaha has a special place in my heart and head. (I am bent on having it, evidently)

So we shall see! I am hopeful!
Can't wait to hear my Axioms combined in one system.
Aunty Em
Tampa, FL