Hello, was wondering if you guys could help me make a wise decision on a potential trade in upgrade. You guys have always given great advice over the years.

I currently have m60's, vp150, ep500 and 2 sets of qs8's. I've been happy w this setup for the past 5yrs. I'm using a denon 3808 to power all channels. After injuring to axiom about trading up my m60v2's to m80's and upgrading to the vp180 I received a reply with an amount towards the upgrade. This upgrade would still be a substantial out of pocket expense, and I'm worried about running the front 3 channels w the 4ohm load on the receiver. I can't spring for an amp(plus all the electrical upgrades) at the moment. This would have to be a substantial sonic upgrade for me to justify the expenses.

The other option I was contemplating was to simply upgrade the vp150 to the vp160 and call it a day. The vp150 is by far the weakest link in my system. Anyone with a similar upgrade experience, please tell me what you think. I appreciate the advice.