Believe it or not, I resisted hijacking a thread. It's almost like you guys don't even know me.

As I mentioned in that other thread, I'm considering doing a factory reset on my Denon 3808. In case any of you have experience with any of this, I thought I'd ask two questions:

1- I was in that group of people that got an updated firmware from Denon that added Audyssey Dynamic Volume and Audyssey Something else...basically compression options. Do I lose those with a factory reset? If so, is there another level that lets you re-setup your Denon without stepping back in the firmware feature updates?

2- IIRC, the primary reason I had wanted to do this was because I "deleted" unwanted inputs and cannot find a way to get them back. (Yes, doing this and other HT stuff has been on my list of Things To Do for about a year, so I cannot remember the exact reason with 100% confidence as to why I wanted to reset it!). I do know that I checked through the batpig site and the manual (HA!) but couldn't find an answer to this. If someone knows, maybe I don't have to reset this thing and start again.

I have a list of 12 things that I've wanted to do in the HT for that year's time:

-Setup the purchased Harmony remote

-Re-calibrate things since adding the VP160

-Install a "Cable Hide" that I built on the wall under the TV

-Pull the TV off the wall and re-install Ethernet and an optical cable out so I can watch Amazon Plus stuff, etc. on the TV and still get to use the Axiom setup instead of the TV speakers, and, the primary reason for doing all this now:

-Install an HDMI splitter that will enable me to use the 3-D capabilities of my B-D player while having Axiom sound (Since my Denon is not 3-D capable, if I wanted to watch a movie in 3-D I had to pull the rack out, and rewire so I had a direct connection between the player and the TV...losing out on the receiver/Axioms.

Yes, I have two kids staying here next week so the HT is a priority...even it's 3-D capability.
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