I am pretty decent at modifying or tweaking photos and such, but straight up creation work is not something that I am good at.

I was wondering if someone with a little more talent would be willing to create an image for me.

I ordered some acoustical insulation panels (Owens Corning 703) today, and I will have 4 panels on each wall, and one on the rear wall. That one on the rear wall I want to have custom printed fabric put on it as my new sign for my theater.

There is a whole thread on AVS about this place that will print things up for you using a material that has proved to work with acoustical panels. A lot of people are making acoustical panels that look like movie posters (somehow getting around the copyright thing). I don't plan to do that, but like I said would like something for my rear wall.

That panel will be 24 inches tall x 48 inches wide on the face. That is where the main wording should go. Then the image needs to extend another 6 inches top/bottom/left/right as the panel will be 4 inches deep from the wall, and adds another 1/2" of thickness to each side (beveled so the image should still fit in the 24" x 48" space).

That means a total size of 36" tall x 60" wide with the main lettering within the middle 24" x 48". The fabric place likes 150 dpi minimum.

The theater has been dubbed "The Starlight Theatre" (notice the 're' and not 'er' in theatre) since my very first home theater years and years ago due to always having some sort of star ceiling.

I just want to update the look of my sign and at the same time use it for decor over an acoustical panel.

Here is the original sign in the photo from pre-V4.0 construction. It is black plastic with "sticker" type decals and gold frame done up at a local sign shop. It looks a bit dated.

I am a cheap sun-of-a-gun, but could probably find something to barter with for the time. I am sure that I could find some quality trinket reflective of the state of Iowa if nothing else. grin

Obviously I don't expect some massive 50MB or greater file. Although if you make one, you can post a smaller image of it here and I can give you a spot online (FTP account to my web space) to put a full sized file.

So let's see your creativity. Looking for something simple and clean with colors that would go with different shades of browns, deep (really deep) burgundy, or deep blue even (since it is "sky" like and the night sky is dark). Lettering or any design element shouldn't be "too fine" or too similar in color since this is going to get printed on fabric and contrast will help as will a little more "thickness" to any words/elements.
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