Hey all. New to the forums and a recent Axiom customer.

I have been meaning to upgrade my main floor stereo speakers for some time and recently pulled the trigger on a pair of M100's at the end of July (just went with the standard black oak finish) . I had been leaning towards M80's but now I'm glad I waited. Some of the other finishes looked great but the wife is okay with the similar finish on the speakers they replace so I'll spend the money upgrading something else (perhaps a new power supply and DAC for my Squeeze box... see below).

I'll be interested in seeing how they compare against the 13+ old PSB Tower T5's they replace. I'll be driving them with my all-Rotel system (RB-1080 amp). I'm also interested to hear how they compare with my home theatre mains (Totem Forests driven by an Anthem AVM50[equiv, upgrade] and Bryston 9B SST2). I'm expecting some serious bottom end improvement as well as more volume (the wife likes to crank it when cleaning).

I'm also an avid fan of the now-defunct Squeezebox devices. I've been using them since they first came out (still have the first gen device as a keepsake though it's disfunctional now). I have several models of them of throughout the house all driven by my Linux-based server with all-FLAC audio. I have a few spares so hopefully I'm good for years to come. Seems Sonos would be where I'd go to if they started dropping like flies. There is some movement in the Squeezebox community so perhaps we'll have an open solution by then.

Anxiously awaiting my tracking info now.