Hello, I'm a brand new Axiom owner. I have a pair of floorstanding M60 V3s setup for stereo but they are placed on each side of a large, 65 inch projection TV on a stand. The listening position is about 10 feet from the speakers and they are spaced about 7 feet apart (minimum due to TV). I know this is too wide for the listening position but I can't move the listening position rearward due to space constraints.

The listening room is carpeted with two small cloth covered rockers on either side of the listening position's cloth covered loveseat. The drop ceiling is pressboard with a hard shell painted surface.

I'm getting a horrible mid-freq bump that makes the M60s (and the previous Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II) sound like crap. The mids simply jump out and howl. I assumed my Polk speakers were not up to my standards and decided to upgrade to the M60s but the problem isn't with the speakers. I have tried another amp but the problem is exactly the same.

I have verified correct polarity at the speakers and amp. I have tried moving both pairs of speakers in and out from the wall and tried toe-in and toe-out and angling the speakers upward and downward. Toe-out helped a little. I have tried moving the speakers away from the TV but I can't get them more than about 1 foot from the TV due to space constraints.

I suspected the large flat TV screen between the speakers might be causing the problem so I put a cloth covered recliner directly in front of the listening position so it blocked the TV but not the speakers. This has helped a lot but it's not a practical solution.

Do you have any suggestions (other than headphones wink )?

Thanks in advance,


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