I've got a funny story about the Rogers. Thirty three years ago, when my wife and I moved in together, she brought the Rogers to our union. She bought a pair of huge box speakers too. Thinking that big was always better, I set up the big boxes and stored the Rogers. A couple of years later, we had a huge party (the sort that we used to have back then with university friends and others). I put the Rogers in the garden and ran a couple of lamp wires out to them. A couple of days later, a friend came over and saw the Rogers in the yard. We brought them into the house and set them up. Wasn't more than ten minutes before I learned that I'd been listening to the wrong speakers. I've listened to speakers very carefully since that day. Couple of thousand dollars worth of speakers out in the garden for two days! As you can see, I don't change my stuff too often. The one year M80 ownership is unprecedentedly short for me.

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