So, I finally ran the ARC software and calibrated the M80's and my subs the other night. Took an hr as I needed to set the mic in 5 different seating positions. That was the min ...up to ten I can select.

So, after i run this program ... actually have to do it twice once for music and once for movies. The I select the input ( CD, BR , TV, SAT, USB, AUX, Game ) I can go in and select either use the Movie calibration settings or Music Settings.
I noticed though that, it set the M80's to small and 60hz.
But, if I change it manually to large, and then go play some music the subs don't even come on.

If the Mains are set to small and 60hz, does that mean all frequencies below 60hr are not even going to the M80"s

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