I know I've been MIA lately. Less time for the boards with two kids at home, which leads into my post. My wife just called and our receiver was locked up so she could not play a movie for my daughter. We have an Onkyo SR600 that is about 10 years old. It locks up a couple of time a year. The only fix is to unplug it, plug it in again, and then redo all the settings. It's a pain, but not a big deal for me since I know how to set it up. For her though, she is effectively without a TV (the good one at least) until I get home to fix it.

She's had enough and wants to get a new receiver (I know, twist my arm, right?)

I haven't looked into them since I got one 10 years ago, so I'm sure plenty has changed. What features should I be looking for. If you have a favorite with those features, I'll take that too. Thinking about ~$500 if that helps.