So, I have been assigned to a small team at my church (smaller church) to help upgrade audio/video equipment. The last install was done back in the early 90's, and amps are way underpowered, the speaker gauge wiring to the main PA's need to be redone, basically all hardware is going to be replaced.

We currently have 8 XLR runs on the left AND right side of the front of the sanctuary routed back to the AV room which is near the back off to one side. Also, I think there is 2 1/4" phono jacks (I think this is not enough), one on each side.

The band is off to the left front side of the space. They are not using all of the XLR ports on the wall, because we have moved to wireless for 2 of the vocal mics, and the guy who plays bass. The 1 and only 1/4" jack on the left side is being used for the two stage monitors.

So, based on what I've told you so far I have a few questions below. Before I get to them, we have already purchased a Mackie DL1608 mixer with iPad dock (pretty cool if you want to read up on it), and 2 Galaxy 7s stage monitors for the band. I have some Crown amps and JBL PA's going to be ordered soon to replace the current main PA's.

One question I have is we are planning on adding a subwoofer(s) to the mix which we have not had in the past. In talking to the JBL Professional Application guys, they are talking to us about passive subs which have Speakon and 1/4" connectors on the back. I've only been familiar with powered or active subs connected with RCA Coax. I have no problem using passive subs, just trying to see if we can use our existing wiring somehow, or if we will need to rerun new cabling.

Since they don't use all of the XLR connections, I see Monoprice has XLR to 1/4" cables, so is there any reason I can't use something like that to hook to the subs up front, and then in the AV room I would have everything connected to a Crown amp and then to the mixer. I guess I'm not sure if there is any issues with using XLR.

I know the guy in our band wants to get more 1/4" Auxilary runs to the stage, but I'm thinking the same thing. If they are going all wireless for the vocal mics, why wouldn't they just use the existing XLR ports, and if they need to go to 1/4" for electric guitar or whatever, or other stage monitors, just get XLR to 1/4" cables, or speakon or whatever. Not sure they make XLR to Speakon, haven't looked.

I'm sure I will have more questions, I am finding out that I may end up being the new sound guy at church, lol. The current "sign up" guys had the old mixer all screwed up.. Once the main gain is set, don't touch it dudes. smile
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