I normally listen to my audio CDs & SACDs in 2 Ch Stereo. Yesterday for a change, I played my Spyro Gyra 'Good to Go-Go' SACD through my HT system using my Sony Blu-Ray Player.

The sound quality was superb; however, I'm not sure that I liked the 'surround mix' version as contrasted to the 'stereo mix'. Having instruments playing behind me was a novelty but hardly realistic. It was as if I was sitting on stage in the middle of the band. I have yet to go to a pub or a concert & be seated on the stage within the group.

What was interesting was the difference in the sound between my M2s & EP400s audio system and M22s & Velo 10" subs HT system in similarly shaped rooms. The mid & high end were 'similarly good'; however, the EP400s were more imposing & 'musical' than the Velos. I don't know whether it is the fact the EP400s are just more accurate & capable or I have them cranked up somewhat higher in the mix than 'Audyssey' sets the Velos in my HT thus making them sound more impressive.

Anyway, I think that I prefer the sound stage of 2 Ch Stereo with my EP400s pumping out gobs of dynamic & articulate low end...