Right now I'm using a Denon AVR-4311CI & Emotiva XPA-5 on my M80v3/VP180v3/QS8v3/SVS PB13-Ultra(x2) setup. I was going to get some Emotiva XPR-1 mono blocks after I upgrade to the M100's but I might get an Outlaw model 7900 which will let me bi-amp the M100's in my 5.2 setup. I'm also thinking about getting the newer Denon AVR-4520CI and switching out my Samsung PN50C7000 plasma for a projector. So many plans. laugh Probably all wishful thinking.
Denon AVR-4311CI--Emotiva XPA-5--M80's--VP180--QS8's--SVS PB13-Ultra--Samsung PN50C7000