So the receiver went on hold and I started to look into a DVR/HTPC solution instead. I've held out this long because I hate monthly fees and didn't want to pay Comcast an extra $15/mo or whatever it costs just to record/playback live TV. It is getting harder to sit and watch football on Sunday, so it was time to look into a way to pause when I need to. I got the Homerun HD Prime, which is nice in that it attaches to the network, but I can't use it on the TV without a HTPC hooked up to the TV or a XBox as a media center extender. As of now I can sit in the office and watch/record TV, but why sit at my desk in front of a monitor instead of the couch in front of the TV.

I have a PS3 and was hoping I could use that, but all I can do there is play back already recorded shows, where the real need for this for me is to pause live TV so I don't miss any of the game. Unless there is some solution other than media center to work with this.

Is there a different solution I should be looking at? I saw PlayTV for PS3, but that doesn't seem to be for sale in the US anymore.

I thought about just hooking up my laptop to the Prime when I need to use it with a crossover network cable, but it seems it doesn't want to do live TV if it can't get to the internet. I assume media center is checking copyright info or something.

What options do I have? Right now I am looking at needing ~$200 for an Xbox plus running a network cable to the back of the TV or buying powerline adapters, or buying a new wireless router and putting a repeater behind the TV as well (using 802.11ac, still on G now, so skipping N).

If I was running a cable thought about running a HDMI from the office to the TV as well, but I would still need a way to control the PC in the office remotely (run an RF too perhaps?)

Basically looking for the cheapest way to do this without monthly fees. I'm sure we'll use the DVR record and watch later feature some since we have it, but we generally aren't big TV watchers and most shows are available online the day after anyway, so there isn't a big need for that part.

The laptop could get retired and become the HTPC if I have to, although it is a little on the loud side for that.