Building a new house soon. The den will serve as my theater room. I have always just had 5.1 but since I'll have about 5.5' behind the sofa I was thinking about trying to go to 7.1 (my denon can do that). The sides would be qs8 about 10' off the floor. The rears would be on wall m3, or should I go m2, to match qs8 woofer size, kinda centered on either side of a projector and 10' off the floor. The room is 20 wide x 20.5 deep with a 13x9 arch to the kitchen on the back and a 16x10 arch on one wall going to foyer dining rooms. 12' ceilings...couch about 16' back just in front of the side surrounds and 5.5 away from rears. M80 lr and a vp180 center. Sub for now a old school paradigm that will be dual svs ultras or something of the likes one day. The fronts will eventually be in cabinet 80s and 180.