I have a 7.2 Epic 80 setup in my theater, and one of my EP500's has an odd crackle noise coming from it.

If I put on a test tone, it will rumble as it should, but it will randomly have a little bit of "background noise" which sounds like someone picking up a live mic off of a surface. sort of a crackle. It appears and goes away. I've done the standard driver test and the woofer seems like it isn't blown but I can't be sure.

I've tried swapping XLR cables (to make sure the cable is not at fault) and also made sure to try both the Sub1 and Sub2 outs on my pre-amp to make sure one wasn't sending a corrupted signal. Neither made a difference.

On any scene with low bass, the one sub in particular will randomly go into almost complete distortion. I'd normally say this means the woofer is blown but wanted to ask before I took action.

Any thoughts?

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