My Sherwood Newcastle receiver suffered an early death (switches itself to standby if the volume is set to audible levels). I'd like to replace it with a receiver I can fully control from an iPhone.

I have an Apple TV, so not sure I need a receiver with its own AirPlay capabilities, though that might be useful.

Anyone have experience with iOS-controlled receivers to share?

(I assume these use Bluetooth to communicate from iOS to receiver since most of them don't seem to come with built-in WiFi. I'd imagine that would allow control of a receiver in a closed cabinet.)

Also, any general brand recommendations would be appreciated. I want something high quality and reliable with a very straightforward user interface. I don't need a ton of power for my relatively small space nor do I need auto-equalization and the like. Really just need 3.1 at the moment but might go to 5.1 at some point.

Thanks for any advice.