Hello. First time poster, although I've owned my V3 Epic Grand Master system since mid-2011.

I may be upgrading my center to the VP180 as the system is primarily used for blu-ray movies and HD audio content in a mostly dedicated theater room (80% movies, 20 % music blu rays), and I'm intrigued by adding impact to the all-important center channel.

I have a specific question regarding the height of the VP180 when inverted/tilted position. I know the height in the standard upright position is 9.25", but the inverted height should be a fraction of an inch shorter. Would anyone owner be wiling to give me an accurate measurement of that dimension?

For reference, below is a pic of my inverted VP150, which shows the height dimension I'm seeking.
VP150 Inverted Height

The purpose of all this is to ensure that the top of the speaker doesn't obstruct line of sight to my projection screen.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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