I purchased a pair of QS8s for my side surrounds and it's time to upgrade the rears. I am wondering if anyone can chime in as to whether or not it would be better to get direct firing bookshelf speakers for the rear or would it be better to get another pair of QS8s (or even just one)? Due to the limitations of the room, I would only be able to place them either two feet apart on the back wall (which is about 6 feet from the listening position) or have one on a partial wall 1.5 feet from the side wall and the other about 2.5 feet away from the back wall. Should they also be the same height as the side surrounds (which are 2 feet above ear and just slightly behind the sectional)? Anyway, I love my QS8s, but I am feeling inundated with the difference of opinion on setup of a 7.1 theater. Thanks in advance,