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I thought 265 is targeted at bringing in the age of UHD via streaming. I doubt we'll see another form of hard media to replace BDs. Hell DVD hasn't gone away.

I think a new disc format would be a real hard sell. I don't want to have to replace my perfectly good Oppo . Manufacturers would have to get new authoring equipment etc. Like you say, dvd hasn,t been killed off because people wont upgrade to bd. Streaming has already killed off every video store except one in my city which has 30,00 people.
I wont be buying any 4k TV's for the foreseeable future. What I have is more than adequate. 3D was suppose to be the big thing and that fell on its face again, I don't think 4k will go anywhere much either. S

Streaming pisses me off. I pay 125 a month for 150gb, I cant stream many movies with that. I tried Netflix and I was left with next to nothing for internet use. Bluray all day long baby.

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