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The reverse-out bits work very well. the secret is that you do often need to punch out a place to jam them in better for them to work best. They need a hole to grab into.

Do NOT punch out on this screw, it is way too small and in an amp plate. if the reverse bit doesn't grab, get a drill bit and take a LITTLE bit of material out of the center, keep in mind the size of screw your dealing with.....

using a punch is find on larger materials. However, i never use that approach, i always drill a little bit for the back out bit to have something to bite on to. Sears should have backout bits.

Sheesh! I didn't mean to go all Thor on it. LOL!

I have a micro-punch set (for lack of a better word) and a hobby hammer that I'm quite confident with. A drill will work fine as well if you are careful with the speed. Not disagreeing with you. Just pointing out that it's good to understand another person's option before you jump all over it.
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