Since loading Ubuntu in a dual boot with Windows 7, I have slowly come to prefer to use Linux for absolutely EVERYTHING application wise except gaming. It's just plain faster, much better at multi-tasking (with Compiz Cube) and everything is certainly 'free-er'.

I have just one thing left on the utility side. I used to do my automated backups from Windows but now that the PC is always booted to Linux, the backups are getting outdated.

I've been looking through a bunch of options but anyone with practical advice to share would be great as choices are so varied.

These are the considerations.
- Ubuntu Linux 12.04, Unity interface.

- GUI is nice but I'm OK with command line if the MAN doc has lots of examples.

- I'd like to schedule it for regular, over-night runs to a USB drive or remote PC (I currently have working links to my Win7 HTPC machine so it's drives are available but that may create complexity.)

- I don't necessarily need a long incremental history of changed files. If forced into a choice, one single good backup of the 'most current' files is good enough if the alternative is an "ever growing" pile of incremental files chewing up all my space.

Some I've shortlisted but I'm not limited to...

I like the way "rsync" works because it adds incremental functionality but with a minimum of file size increase. However, I'd have to figure out how to schedule it. Probably not a big deal. The tools are there.

"Deja Dup" looks pretty good. Lots of features.

"CrashPlan" seemed to simple too be true, so I downloaded it but it would not recognize my USB drives.

Any thought from the Linux users out there?

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