I am in the process of building a modest outdoor theatre. I currently have a Denon 4520 and will use the HDMI zone 4 out as my source and control my sources through either the Denon remote app, dish explorer app, IR blaster, etc. This will all be placed in a permanently covered outdoor living space roughly 15 wide by 24 long and 10 high. I have not worked out have far back the projector will need to go based on a the fixed location of the screen.

I currently have a number of Algonquin speakers for my pool area and was thinking of getting 5 more to produce a 5.0 sound field. I will likely buy another cheap Denon receiver with networking to accept the zone 4 HDMI out from the 4520 and power the speakers.

I need advice on an outdoor screen (120, 133 inch range) and projector. I would prefer a screen that can retract to limit the dirt on the screen. The projector would not likely be permanently installed. When we want to view it we would simply hook up the HDMI and power to the projector, pull down the screen and presto and outdoor theatre.

So any advice on screens and projectors? I don't want to "invest" more the $1,000 combined for these two items if possible.

Temp.setup - 2.1 - Denon 1713 AVR, Denon 1713 BRD, Paradigm Cinema 200, and Monitor Audio 360 Sub