Joe, welcome back. Yes, your 2805 is outdated as to its features, but nothing from what you've said establishes a need for a unit with significantly higher maximum power output. If you're not going to be listening at a distance substantially longer than you were previously(the most significant factor)the power requirements would be substantially the same at given listening levels.

The realities of quantity production of quality receivers make them the cost-effective buy in most cases. New pre-pros of similar capability would cost as much or more than a receiver with an internal amplifier which you'd in effect be getting "for free".

You might consider particularly Denon and Onkyo models with the latest technology, including Audyssey auto-calibration and room EQ. A good source for factory refurbished units, which should be at least as reliable as brand new ones but at a significant saving, is Accessories4less.


Enjoy the music, not the equipment.