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Is there a dip switch or something on the lutron units to give them different IR codes. Ie command individually? 3 gang box sounds like where I'll end up. Sconces, ropes and overheads/pots controlled individually.

The soffit will be "8" shaped to conceal a beam in the center if the room. The front of the soffit will be behind the screen wall when done. I will likely go with a yellow or warm light if I can find some dimmable leds that dont need a transformer for every 20' or so. Maybe incandescent otherwise.

Many thanks btw for your input all. Appreciated! smile

None of that I know of.. I have two lutron switches because of the 2 pot lights banks.. they are controlled simultaneously from the harmony remote, when I turn on an activity they come all on then go to the fav preset of the lutron switch... one is set on half dim and the other off.. so I belive it would work for the application you are looking for... the only problem I have is to have the lights turn on when I ask the harmony to turn everything off..