I right now have an Anthem MCA5 amp that gives me 5 channels. I had thought that this would be a perfect solution for my HT and music listening. But when I upgraded my speakers to a newer Omnidirectional LFR1100 speaker that bumps the front amp requirement from 2 channels to 4 channels. So the 5 channel amp now can only power my front and center speakers.

I don't mind the sound of the MCA, but if I could get a more sweeter sound from upgrading to a better class of amp then I would consider it. I would be happy to move the MCA to power the center and the rear channels giving me a better 7.1 up from the 5.1 I had been using. The conundrum is that I need 4 more channels with this solution.

Now I could get a multi channel amp as there are multiple options out there, both in the pre-owned or going new. I could also get two - dual channel amps and have a stand alone amp to power each front speaker (like running a regular speaker off it's own monoblock). Going used is a bit harder as finding two identical 2 channel amps might be a bit more to find.

I would like to spend around $3000 for the solution, but if a bit more money would make me smile from ear to ear then I would consider it. What suggestions are out there?
Anthem: AVM60
Axiom: ADA1000, LFR1100, VP180, QS8, EP500, M3, M3comp
AudioSource: Amp One/A