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Well, I asked about ceilings, speakers in ceiling vs mounted on existing speakers, surround speaker types, placement of speakers so on and so forth.

I will report most things back in another thread, but for Atmos, Dolby confirmed that they want ALL monopole speakers. While bi/di/quad pole are great for regular surround, they don't work well when trying to "place" audio "objects" into a sound field. Moving forward, dispersed audio will no longer be our friend for surrounds.

Also, for ceiling speakers, they should be placed in. Such a fashion that is you drew a "box" around your seating area (1 row, w rows, whatever) then you would basically place each of the 4 speakers just outside that box's corners and point/direct them so that they are pointed directly at the middle of that box. Not sure if the ceiling M3s can tilt inside the cabinet or not.

That is about all that I feel like typing in on my phone for now. Dolby.com should have install guides available online starting today for other setups like 7.1.2.

I'm not sure 5.1 would be the same with monopoles. I'd assume their statement is generally true as it relates to 11.1.4+ speaker layouts.