I currently have the vp160 center , m22 L/R , and qs8 for surround , 2 HSU VTF 3 MK4 subs , and 4 yamaha aw390 outdoor speakers that I will be using for my ceiling speakers. ( I know they are not timbre match with the axiom speakers but i'm using what i already have. ) I'm going for a 7.2.4 atmos setup and need another pair of speakers. I was going for another pair of qs8 until I came across this thread . Thanks for Nick about the Atmos experience and Q&A about what is needed for a decent but almost accurate home setup. I have a few questions and instead of starting a new thread hopefully they can be answered here. Since Dolby recommend monopole for all speakers which would better match my system , the m2 on walls or the m3 on walls ? ( I was thinking the M2 since the woofer matches the M22 .... idk ) My other question is whichever on wall speaker i buy do i place them as my side surround or for rear surround ? ( I currently have the qs8 for side surround.) And my last question is how high should i place the surround speakers ? The qs8 and the on wall monopoles. I currently have the qs8 at 6' high. According to Dolby the side surround and rear speaker placement should be placed " around " the same height as the listening - level speakers because the atmos ceiling speaker will do the height and above surround effects.


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