I have the SVS SB 2000 and a PB 2000. They are good subs. Would I call them ultra high end, no, but for the money, they are a great value. I'm probably more impressed with my ages old HSU though. VTF3mk2. The problem with HSU though is cheap Chinese electronics. Which is why I switched to SVS which is also Chinese....lol. I make no sense some times. I believe Axiom makes a good amp, should be reliable.

I own a house full of Axiom speakers now, but for some reason, I never go for a Axiom sub. I don't know why that is. Price, other alternatives maybe, but I would really like to try one out. But I live in a odd spot, and shipping something like that back if I don't like it would not be cheap. That's probably the main reason there. I certainly have not read anything bad about them, but like others, I visit the "other" forum and you read and hear so much about the other brands that you get a little brain washed. If you are in Canada, there really isn't many options, so a free 30 day trial from Axiom might be the way to go.

EP500/800/HSU VTF3/SVS PB2k/SB2k/SB-12