Ugh. Audiohaulics... Those videos are always painful to watch (and listen to). Some of the information is good, but so much sounds scripted and badly executed on video.

Gene bashes Atmos at 2:26 in. What a dolt. At CEDIA people were LOVING the speakers, and people with a lot more positive reputation than Gene were really liking it and Gene's doofus side-kick just does a typical laugh and "pleads the 5th" because heaven forbid that the guy has a spine and isn't just Gene's "yes man." When he speaks just "off the cuff" he does much better.

I also love how Gene claims that he "knew everything and people should have listened to him." Well duh, a lot of people are bleeding edge consumers. Without those "idiots" jumping in first, the manufacturers wouldn't have that early adoption to help drive Gen 2+ of products. I guess I am super smart too since I said MONTHS ago that we should wait for Gen 2 and DTS UHD (the name before DTS X). Maybe Gene just listened to ME!!

Again, their videos can be good and enjoyable, but he is such a smart arse that even when people are on the same page as him (for some/most/all of what he is saying) it is still insulting to listen to.

Farewell - June 4, 2020