I expect crickets.

This is how wierd this phenomenom is.

I have bookshelves on homemade Cedar post (6x6) speaker stands. They have bases that are 12x12 doubled up material similar to the posts.

Until now the bases were sitting on felt furniture pads against the hardwood floor. I was always miffed at the speakers moving around when the room was vaccumed. They would tend to skate around over time on the hardwood floors.

I decided to remedy their skating around by replacing the felt pads with that mesh cabinet drawer liner. You know, that stuff you can use in your cupboard to keep glasses from rattling or whatever. I put it under the stands in replacement of the felt pads to make the stands impervious to movement.


The life has been completely sucked out of he speakers. There is less bass and noticably less "presence" (or air if you will) in the presentation. Epic fail. They sound sad. frown