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Thanks guys. I guess I will venture downtown and see what I can find. I looked online and found a few that suited my taste, I will see what fabrics I like and then try to replicate that online. Something along these lines maybe

Richard, when they gay guy says "Whoa, dude! Way too cute---even for middle school!," it should at least cause one to, ummmm, ponder. If, like me, you listen with your eyes closed,
then that's OK. Wait, I take that back. Do you know your house well enough to ENTER and EXIT the room while your eyes are still closed? They would make pissah bedsheets, or pajamas---or a silk smoking jacket, lined silver. Look, I said I was gay, Jeesh!

Whoa Bob, are they really that bad. I am about as straight as a guy can get, not even like allan on 2 and half men LOL . I was going to share what I ended up with but I fear I will be rebuffed.

LOL, Richard!!! Yeah, I knew that!

I just think they're a bit distracting. Also, you'll find an infinitely larger fabric variety if you go solid, no pattern. The heavier the better. Drapery/Upholstery fabric is what you want and buy only from someone who will send you an actual swatch if you buy online.

Wild patterns are what pillows are for. When you get sick of 'em, you can change the whole feel of the room with a trip to Target or Home Goods. Gawd, I'm getting gayer as I age.

Good luck, whatever you decide.

BTW, the guitar thing is soooo pissah, I'd be willing to listen with my eyes closed for that. Well, for a while. Again, cool pillows.

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