Oh Crap let me re-word this mess , to a nicer mess ....
I never caught that but, it was on Canuck Audio I saw it too ...
It looks in good shape though and said hardly used and he just bought it as a substitute until the Brystons arrive. Speaker of which have you been to Glubes Sound Studio and listen to those Bryston's .....awesome ....
My HK 3490 is a good reciever,I liked the dual sub outputs. I got it to stop me from buying more speakers for a while but, just picked up a Marantz 7.1 kinda miss the surround sound. That's why I was looking at the VP180
I am looking at getting a Anthem MRX someday again
I have the HK and two Axiom M2 ( i think there Ti ) for sale now on kijiji and or the Marantz
Im just down the highway from you in Bridgewater

Anthem AVM30
Anthem MCA50