Planning to pull the trigger on my four surround speakers for a dedicated basement theatre room running 7.2. I do NOT plan to run ceiling speakers for Atmos (or DTS:X, if they end up being required for that) because there was just not enough ceiling space in the proper locations to fit them in.

The room is just over 10W x 19L x 8H. There is a 5' deep elevated tier for second row seating across the rear of the room. Primary viewing position will be about 11-12 ft from the screen and 7-8 ft from the rear wall. Rear seat viewing will only end up being about 1-2 ft from the rear wall.

I have already picked up three M22 in-walls for my LCRs, which will be installed behind a 100" AT screen. Subs will be two Monitor IWS-10 in-walls. When I ran my cables, I had initially planned on doing either four M2s or four M22s for the side and rear surrounds (space being somewhat at a premium given the width of the room, and I like the look of clean/flush walls).

A friend and fellow Axiom advocate has all but sold me on the QS8s, but I'm still debating. There is so much discourse about direct/monopole vs. dipole/bipole for surrounds it could make your head spin.

Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions to offer based on experience with your Axioms (or others)? Basically, I'm down to making a decision between three different layouts:
4 x QS8
2 x QS8 (sides); 2 x M2 (or M22) (rear)
4 x M2 (or M22)

One the one hand, the THX experts recommend dipole/bipole side surrounds with direct firing rears; Dolby appears to push all monopole/direct - this seems to be particularly the case with Atmos. There are also recommendations floating around that all speakers match exactly (hence making the case for seven M22s).

Anyone able to help me give Axiom more $$? laugh