As I think I mentioned in my basement remodel thread, my ADA-1500-4 gave up the ghost, a subwoofer amp also went out, and my dad and I did some troubleshooting on another subwoofer that was exhibiting a loud banging during more bass-heavy scenes/passages. The banging in the sub turned out to be the piece of wood behind the amp, which appeared to have never been glued or otherwise secured inside the cabinet. We took the bad amp out of the one sub and put it into the sub with the weird cabinet issue, and I corresponded with Axiom about returning both the amp and the subwoofer for service.

Out of curiosity, I asked how much it would be to upgrade my v3 sub to a v4, and while the trade-up value was generous, I had to pass because of other work going on in the basement. I simply ordered packaging for the sub (I had boxes saved for most of my other Axiom purchases, but I was a fool and didn't hang on to even one subwoofer box) as well as the return shipping labels. Some time passed, and I didn't hear anything, but I wasn't concerned because I had three other working subs, was using my ADA-1000-4 to power my mains in the meantime, and I had other stuff to focus on, but I was getting to the point of contacting them again when I got a shipment notification. Oh, yay, my empty box and packing materials shipped, I thought.

Fast forward to today, and I get home from work to see the subwoofer box on the porch, which I assume is empty. Tilt. NO, that's not empty. I open my door to see my parents had placed an amplifier box inside. New amp, new subwoofer. The sub says v4. Maybe it's one of the ones with blemishes, as there's some gunk on the bottom, but I'M OKAY WITH THAT. I can't believe they sent me new units when I was only expecting return shipping stuff and service. I'd better not get too ahead of myself, as I need to still hook them up and make sure it's all good, but I wanted to say I'm amazed at how well they've taken care of me, and this is why I don't foresee buying other speaker brands any time soon.

Thank you, Axiom. I was having a bad day, and even with the headache I currently have, I'm feeling pretty good.