I have not been keeping up on projectors the last year or so. I’ve been holding out for a 4K projector with a laser light source. Much to my surprise, I stumbled onto a couple reviews of Epson’s latest models.

The LS10000 is has 4K upscaling. MSRP is $7900. It is not a native 4K machine, but will accept 4K input. I’m not real sure what that means. How can it accept 4K if it’s not native 4K? Weird… Looks like this one is pretty hard to get, but a few are hitting the streets. This one has good lumen output too.

The LS9600e is its little brother. Sounds like it might be a good machine at a $2000 lower price point.

Projector reviews has reviewed both, and Art is impressed with them both.