Not saying that the studio's aren't going to try and ram it down the general public's throat. It will be more like 3D movies. I won't go to see them and would rather see it in 2d.

How many here went out and bought a 3D TV just because they said it was going to be the next big thing and it will stay with us? Don't seem to see every TV on the market now being 3D? Heck, how many of the newer 4D TV's are 3d??

And a TV is an easy piece to upgrade in your home. Now as soon as you start to tell people that they need to put holes in the ceiling and fish new speaker wires to them ForGetAboutIt! You say that you just put in up firing speakers.. Ever heard of WAF? In the main family room, we have to put up with small micro energy speakers to get 5.0 (can't have a sub because it doesn't go with the decore). Why do you think I had to dig in my heals and DEMAND my own home theatre room with massive speakers that actually sound good.

DTS X / Atmos is extreem fringe at best to the diehards that are willing to follow. And the media studio companies are falling over themselves to try and convince the rest that you need to stay current as they are loosing relevance for the average consumer.

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