I am building a better home theater / listening room for myself. I have the room right now in the half built stage and as I am doing all the work myself it probably is going to take a bit more time to get it done.

I had some grandiose ideas or visions in my mind on what it is going to look like. But reality or more to point, cash flow will beg to differ from what I would like. I decided from a design standpoint that I was not putting in any ceiling pot lights for sound isolation purposes. (*1)

So my initial vision was to run a track of those LED tape strip lighting in the corner edge of the ceiling all the way around the room on a remote dimmer. It would look spectacular, but the $600 price tag for that lighting seems to have lost it's luster on me.

I have as a secondary lighting option, put in 3 wall sconces that look similar to this on the two side walls and the back. The plan was these would be run using CFL daylight 6k bulbs that don't dim, but turned off for TV and music listening.

I am not against getting some form of floor lamps, but getting them to dim, and even better on remote could be costly if not very difficult.

Are there any other lighting idea's that I have not considered. Best to get that solved before I finish plastering the walls and ceiling as it's far easier to run electrical wires now than when that is done.


1. I will also live without any downward ceiling mounted speakers, so ATMOS is also out. I have wired for both front and rear height speakers (and mounted some Energy Take5 that I have extra)

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