I searched the web, and searched these forums, and couldn't get an answer (or find one). I'm 'graduating' from bookshelves to floor-standers. I'm trying to get a feel for what compares to what from 3 Canadian manufacturers:

- Which Paradigm lines do the Axiom M60 and M80 compare to?

- Which PSB lines are comparable to the same two Axioms? I currently have PSB Alphas for my workstation with an AudioEngine N22 amp, and they really sound nice, so I won't hesitate to choose the sound I like the best between these brands.

I just need to get a rough idea about the quality of build and overall sound you get with each line and how it stacks up with the other two manufacturers. I have a sub with my theatre system, and these will be for pure stereo, so no sub (If I can help it). Real, full-sounding bass is important to me, but I don't need the theatre 'rumble' for my two channel setup. I listen to a wide array of music: classic rock, jazz, hip-hop, some classical.

If someone can shed some light (if you've owned them all, for example, or just tested them out). Thanks.