I've no issues with the delay. I waited 3 years for Rift to become a real product (bought DK1 and DK2 along the way for my flight sim) and just placed the order for the commercial version - mostly - on faith.

I also ordered the battery for Air on faith. I've no doubt that Axiom will deliver because the company's reputation is dependent on it.

There is a guy called Milan in Croatia who's family owns a furniture store (they make them). He is an avid sim'er as well, and felt that there were no quality rudders available for the sim market. He created one (Milan MFG Rudders) and he's shipped more than 1500 in two years. All at $350 or so per device. At first, people were leery about sending $350 to a guy in Croatia. But now his name is synonymous with quality. His thread on the game site alone generates revenue for him because of all the positive feedback.

Axiom, to me, is the same way. Quality products at great prices. If I didn't live in a condo, I would have ordered the amps a long time ago! smile

So Ian, take your time, get it right and let us sit back and enjoy the ride.


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