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OK, now remember you said that I can ask anything!


I'm going to install Windows 10 today on 5 different PCs, set them all up on a new network and install a Synology NAS with 36TB of drives. Do you think I'll be able to watch the Masters too, or is that too much multitasking?

What are the Masters cool ?

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Also, do you have any blueberries that I can have to put on my salad at lunch? I forgot to pick some up when shopping yesterday.

I have some frozen organic ones in the freezer, that I use for smoothies. I just need to find some dry ice.

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Oh, and can you diagnose a brake noise coming from the passenger-side rear wheel on my van?

That's easy. The excess weight in the drivers seat is causing the rear axle to be unbalanced. Hey.... you asked grin .

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Whew! I'm sure glad that you are open to all questions!

Anything else? HEHEHE
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