Yes, been here before. Well, for the next few years I am stuck with a left over area to start my room. I ended up using the area 13 x 23 to build my daughter a bigger bedroom, so now I have a room 11.5 x 15 x 7.5.
My tv is will be 65" so I am about 10 - 11ft away sitting.
so that leaves me at about 4 - 5ft space behind me.
Currently I have Anthem separates, MCA5 which will be upgraded someday. My plan was to use this for the ATMOS in ceiling speakers if I get there. and get a MCA50 for the surrounds. I would be getting either a new MCA325 or ADA1250 3ch for the fronts.

SO currently I have M80 and vp180, however these are going and I am replacing with ??? M22 and a VP160 or M60HP and a VP160.
I am just not sure if this smaller size warrants a M60HP. Also going with dual SVS SB2000 subs. I am pretty sure at a $1100 less difference in price I will not notice the difference with the EP500's.
SO, before I buy new amps etc I am wondering if ATMOS 5.2.4 or 7.2.4 would be a lot better than 5.2 or 7.2.

The other thing is not many movies out in DTS:x or Atmos also, it is getting very hard even renting movies.
Just wondering and thinking maybe save money for now and go with 5.2 or 7.2 and wait a few years and build a bigger room for ATMOS.

Right now, I am almost ready to go M22 and VP160 and hell I don't know what to do in a room this small.

Anthem AVM30
Anthem MCA50